Tomb of the Relequim

Ardin Vitalis’ last waking memory is of killing the Mage who betrayed him. The woman he loved was murdered just beyond his ability to save her, the Shadow King who killed her escaping into the storm around them. He awakes to find himself incarcerated in a rundown mental institution, asked to escape by a mysterious winged warrior, and charged with the rescue of a people an ocean away. Little does he know that his own people are being corrupted, compromised, and turned against each other by the returning influence of their former enemy: the Relequim. If Ardin can’t overcome the demons in his dark past, he may succumb to them, and become the tool of his own worst enemies.

Tomb of the Relequim cover

The Vitalis Chronicles: Tomb of the Relequim is the sequel to White Shores and the second book in the Vitalis Chronicles trilogy by Jay Swanson.

It is available on the Kindle, Nook, and paperback.