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R. Nicholson – Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer [4.5 stars]: “well written and skillfully told… a blend of action vs. drama that was nicely balanced… Conclusion: A great second book. Author Swanson is an accomplished writer and knows how to spin a good tale. I look forward to the finale.”

(I totally gave him a copy for free after he loved White Shores)


Dide [5 stars]: “I found both books  to be as fine as any of the hundreds of fanesty or si fi I have read from the age of 12.I have read all the masters and I beg you to press on with this story. Please make this tale longer than 3 books  as I love  this world! Keep up your fine work, with the best wishs, a new friend ,Dianne  Marksberry.”


Michael Rappazzo [4 stars]: “I really enjoyed White Shores, and was looking forward to read Tomb of the Relequim. It did not disappoint. I am ready for the next book in the Vitalis Chronicles, and will be getting it once it comes out.”


People I Do Know

Peter Koontz [5 stars]: “This is a brilliant, well-crafted book that is anything but predictable or the type of ‘filler’ that middle books in a trilogy have a sneaky way of becoming.

Swanson especially appeals to me through his writing because he does not offer easy answers, isn’t afraid to show the ugly realities of life along-side its joys and beauty, and resolutely shuns ‘happily ever after’. If you’re after a happy-go-lucky read that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, look somewhere else. If you want to read something engaging, meaningful, and powerful, this is the book (and trilogy) for you.”


A Boyd 06 [5 stars]: “If you are not a fantasy reader – after this, you will be. Following Ardin through book 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat and you’ll find yourself gasping, oohing, ahhhhing and flat out feeling the entire journey. ”

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 People I Don’t Know


Phxman [4 stars]: “This book weaves the storyline very well. There’s something for everyone, suspense, romance, action, and fantasy. I hope this is a series, I want more.”


Cher [5 star]: “new writer, great story! small amount of editing errors. excellent character development. end of this book leaves you desperate to read the sequel!”


Ray Nicholson – Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer [4 stars]: “A well written and overall, thrilling fantasy adventure. Would I recommend this book to others… yes – Will I obtain the next book in the series… yes”


Rabid [5 stars]: “Just prior to picking this book written by Jay Swanson, I had read the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. A great series, but if the rest of the Vitalis Chronicles are as good as this first instalment then it will be just as good if not better. Great characters with a plot that flows fast enough to keep you hooked from beginning to end. Deserves to do well and please hurry up with book 2!!” (For full disclosure I’m kind of suspicious that I know this person just because mine is the only book they’ve reviewed)

People I Do Know

Jeremy D. Atkins: [5 stars] “This book is better than good… There were times when I teared up and when I actually laughed out loud. The only thing negative I can say is that the second book isn’t out yet. Hurry!”


Eric [5 stars]: “I was surprised by how original some of the concepts in White Shores are, for example the interaction between magic and technology and Jay really leaves a lot of room for your imagination hinting at things much more epic than the scale one book can cover. It’s not one of those books you want to buy to read only a few pages per night, there are tons of mediocre books out there that will put you to sleep, but this is one of those books that will suck you in and keep you up late wanting to know what happens next.”


Kelsey L Smith [3 stars]:  “Overall, I agree with the previous reviewers: it’s a great story, enticing plot, in-depth and real characters, and a mesmerizing world Jay brings to life for his readers. But I have been completely off-put by the frequent uses of cursing written into his soldiering characters. I find it off-putting because his writing is so descriptively creative that I applaud his use of language that pulls readers into the world. The descriptions are poignant, humorous, and straight to the heart of human emotion. So, I ask, with all this word play of creativity: Why couldn’t he find better ploys to bring the soldiers to life besides crass swearing of mild and even harsher cursing? If it had been infrequent with the milder terms, I could overlook it. But it’s so consistent it feels like a slap to my eyeballs every time I come across another passage. Quite frankly, I’m not even a quarter of the way through the book, and despite its charismatic pulls, I stopped reading. And desperately wished for a swear filter app for eBooks.”


Amy [5 stars]: “In “White Shores”, Jay takes a world previously unknown to anyone but him and draws the reader in. I truly cared about the characters and felt their pain as I learned about the history of this world. It was a great read with several twists, and it caused me to feel many emotions – a wonderful quality in a book! I highly recommend checking this out, as well as future books in The Vitalis Chronicles. ”


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