The World of the Vitalis Chronicles

Maps, they help us find our way and add a helpful level of context to the stories we immerse ourselves in. They can be difficult to use easily on eReaders, however, so I figured I should post them for easy reference. Sorry I didn’t do it sooner. Here are the maps so far from the Vitalis Chronicles trilogy:

The original map from White Shores


The world map from Tomb of the Relequim

(note that it’s not exactly to scale, Grandia is probably 30% larger than pictured)


The Spring Vale from Tomb of the Relequim, in the Dragon’s Teeth


The Mysterious Desert Mountains from Steps of Krakador


Read some explanation on this new addition – the Desert Mountains – on Jay’s website.

All of these maps are originals by Jay Swanson. Feel free to refer to them as you read, and download them to your computer/iPad/whatever for quick reference. Please attribute their origin if you repost them anywhere. Thanks!