So Begins the End

So Begins the End

We’ve started the editing process on Steps of Krakador this week, the third and final installment in the Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy. It’s pretty exciting to be rounding the corner to the finish on this trilogy, so I thought I’d take a moment to talk a little bit about what’s coming next.

This is something demanded of me in emails, requested in reviews, even threatened in person: “Don’t stop with book three!” A number of people jumped to my defense at this revelation, but what’s most important to me is those who simply reiterated that they stay up late at night reading my books because they can’t put them down. I write these for the people that love them, plain and simple. So, for you late-night readers, here’s a spoiler-free picture of the future.

This trilogy is only a launching point for a greater series that will record the history of this world I’ve created. Now, before you freak out, I don’t really believe in long super-mega-series type stories. I don’t want to write a continuous 20 book anthology. Starting a series like that feels like getting married to a marathon. But I also don’t want to abandon this world any time soon. What I do want to write is a series of trilogies and standalone novels that tell the stories of Veria, Grandia, and the rest from different time periods, vantage points, and world views all the way up to its natural conclusion.

I want to paint a grand mural for you, but in a way that builds the myths before you meet them. I just finished my fourth book a month or so ago. It’s a short novel with the working title “Dark Horse.” It’s a standalone novel in that it tells one story, of one person and his friends, and leaves it at that.

dark-horse-temp-cover(Just the temporary cover I whipped up)

But the ramifications of their story affect the history of the world in no small way. It’s about a young man who’s finally getting a chance to join the army, to earn the dowry he needs to marry the girl he’s been in love with all of his life, and what happens when she falls deathly ill just two days before his planned departure. His decisions and the effects of his attempt to save her will reach far beyond his little village.

Dark Horse takes place nearly two thousand years after the Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy. While they’re separated by so much time, and their worlds look so different, their story is inextricably intertwined.

It’s hard to get into it without spoiling what’s to come, but I’ll tell you more once Steps of Krakador is released.

What I can tell you now without spoiling anything is that I’m currently writing a book I’m calling “The Rise of the Shadow King,” revolving around the Continental Wars with the Relequim (that take place a generation before we first meet Ardin). I’m also planning on writing a novella series on the formation of Khrone’s Hunters, their selection process and rapid rise to prestige.

There are so many stories to write, but all in the cause of one story to tell. I hope you’ll join me for the ride, and obviously I hope you do so because it’s a ride you enjoy.


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    You just made me giddily excited. *squee*