Time to Professionalize

Time to Professionalize

So I’ve done a poor job of separating things out on my websites. After some conversations and research I’ve come to realize that I need to get on top of how I’m presenting myself. What I mean by this is that I need to separate my personal blogs, posts, etc. from my more professional sites.

So, for example, blog posts riddled with comics about why I hate moths aren’t exactly what I’m going for on a blog about my contemporary epic fantasy trilogy. Like many other authors I know and/or stalk, I’m going to open an author site/blog where you can find more of my musings, opinions, and comics. It will be a more well-rounded representation of who I am to the greater internet.

Al Donald Fast Food

I think it’s my humorous take on things that gets me into trouble more often than not. That and my habit of finding random places like Al Donald’s and taking the time to share it like anyone cares. The thinking behind the coming change is that if you read a blog post here that you find funny and engaging, it might encourage you to buy my books (GREAT!). But you might find yourself disappointed to discover that my voice and style are different in the books themselves (dang).

So this blog and site is going to be dedicated solely to stories, news, and other points of interest directly related to the Vitalis Chronicles trilogy. I’ll still be myself, but I’ll try to keep from going too crazy. When the other website is up I’ll post links.

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