Meeting Marjolein

Meeting Marjolein

So last summer I went to Holland to meet Marjolein Caljouw, my cover artist, for the first time. We met just for the heck of it as well as to discuss the cover for my second book. At the time I had a lot of other stuff to post, so I thought I would save this very special blog entry for when we were getting close to finished on the cover art for Tomb of the Relequim.

That time is fast approaching. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to share some photos of our time together. We met at the train station in Amsterdam. There was a little confusion as to who was actually where and a delayed train or two, but we figured it out. She’s tall, blonde, and beautiful, everything you come to expect from the Dutch when you’ve lived with them long enough.



We met and walked to the library. Somehow we got lost, so we wound up at a restaurant that was completely confusing. The reason being that they gave us cards that tracked what we ate, but didn’t really tell us what was going on when they did. And every station where we swiped our cards was different than the last, so at least I felt like an idiot every time I tried to get something new.



We ate and talked and had a great time. She showed me her sketchbooks and inspiration boards (which are amazing to look at) and I gave her a signed copy of White Shores. She actually had a signed, poster-sized version for me which I’ve since hung on my wall.



She showed me what she had collected already for the next cover, and we talked it over for a while before we parted ways. All in all we time flew and had a total blast. I can’t wait to show you guys what she’s got cooked up, and I’m really excited to continue working with her in the future!


Thanks Marjolein!

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