The Process

The Process

We’re through 13 chapters of the next book in the Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy: Tomb of the Relequim. This puts us near half-way, which is exciting. Jenna, my editor, is kicking my butt all over and we’re making good progress as we press through. I can’t express how huge it is to have good editorial help. My first book required a lot more work, which [I hope] means that I’ve grown immensely over the process of writing two books and editing one. By no means can I take much credit either.

In learning languages, I’ve discovered the best way is to plow ahead and just talk talk talk. I studied French for 7 years before I moved to France, but I didn’t really speak it until I’d been there for 3 months. I knew a lot about it, but in order to become fluent I had to use it – all the time. And I had to be willing to make tons of mistakes as I did so, pressing on no matter what errors were discovered. The difference, of course, was in having friends around who would correct my mistakes consistently. After three or four times having the same mistake corrected, I would naturally learn and stop making it.


The editing process has been very similar. Many of the consistent errors I made in the first draft of White Shores were beaten out of me so that they’re nowhere to be found in Tomb. There are, of course, new errors as I grow and try new things, but those are getting beaten out of me as well. The flagrant abuse of semicolons, for example. In any case, Jenna has been my greatest critique and greatest supporter all in one fell swoop. Having someone pour over your work and really, really appreciate the little things is amazing. She’s pushing me to grow in some amazing ways.

This is possibly the number one reason I love writing, perhaps only second to the fact that it is pure creation. I can learn and grow eternally in this art, there is no mastering it. My goal, of course, is to master it, but knowing that I can always improve and grow in something I love is one of the most exciting prospects I can face.

I love telling stories, and writing is becoming a very integral part of who I am. If nothing else, I’m really excited to share the process and, more importantly, the results with you all.

Expect Tomb of the Relequim this spring. It’s en route, and it’s only a step on a path to even greater things.

  • Can I just tell you how excited I am to read the finished version?