The Hunger Games – Yes, me too

The Hunger Games – Yes, me too

I finished The Hunger Games trilogy last week, late to the party as usual. It seems like everyone on the ship (yes, I live on a ship) has read the books and is absolutely obsessed with them. The library’s copy of the trilogy hasn’t actually been in the library for months. So I figured I’d skip the queue and download a copy on my Kindle.


I’m not into writing book reviews, there are plenty of them out there by more competent critics than me. But I will say that for a young adult fiction I really enjoyed Suzanne Collins’ story. Partly because I can identify with Peeta, I always seem to fall for the girl that’s destined to wreck me, even if only a little. As for the book, it was her complete lack of relational awareness that drove me nuts over the course of the books. Ultimately that’s what I want to pull out of the experience, the fact that I was driven nuts but in the same vein was propelled to continue reading.

Katniss, the protagonist who drove me crazy, is a fairly convoluted character. She’s incredibly strong and resourceful, but the circumstances which have created those strengths have also left her scarred and closed off to the people around her. There was a fine balance that was walked with Katniss. She was just open enough to those who loved her to give you hope that she could be won over and freed from her restraints, but she had such strong defense mechanisms in place that you wanted to throw things and scream.

I really was rooting for her, and as her world crumbled around her I got sucked into her plight. I wanted her to make it through, though . I read all three books in a matter of days, so that tells you enough about that. The only real complaint I had was how she breezed over action scenes and climactic moments. I felt a bit cheated whenever some long string of action ended with a whimper, and where I wanted to see the intense moments I felt like they were passed over with glancing phrases.

Now you can see why I don’t write reviews. The point is, I really did enjoy the books, and if you choose to pick them up they’ll definitely entertain well.

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