KDP Select – an Expirement

KDP Select – an Expirement

For those of you that have yet to hear of it, Amazon has opened a program it’s calling “KDP Select.” KDP standing for “Kindle Direct Publishing.” Basically it translates into this: if you distribute your ebook exclusively with us for 90 days we’ll let you give it away for free over the course of 5 of those days, and we’ll pay you for each time someone borrows your book with our lending program.

Initially the thought scared me, Offer my book exclusively with Amazon? Never! But then I realized two things.

One: it’s only temporary, I can opt back out after 90 days.

Two: No one buys my book for any other e-reader anyways.

According to my stats, only 9 people have ever bought my book for the Nook. That’s not to say that a handful (or a troupe) of Nook owners haven’t already pirated my book, but I doubt there are too many. And I don’t have to worry about serving the pirates, they’ll find a way to get my book in any case. Smashwords is even worse, they’ve only sold like 3 copies of my book.

The Kindle version of my book is on par with the physical copies, outstripping them even, so I’m not losing much ground there. Plus it gives me the opportunity (we hope) to reach a broader audience with some promotional free days. Especially as we ramp up to the release of the second book in the trilogy. I also read some comforting reviews of the service on a writer’s forum. It seems like it’s been beneficial for most everyone that’s tried it thus far.

So to kick off the experiment, and to say thank you for following along, log onto Amazon on Saturday the 14th (TOMORROW) and download your free copy of White Shores! It’ll be available for one day only, so hop to it!

EDIT – The next day

So I was about to go to bed when I saw that google had stumbled upon a reference to White Shores. It was a link on slickdeals.net highlighting my book’s promotion today. This led me to wonder how many times it had been downloaded so far during the promotion (with something like 7 hours left to go). It’s been downloaded a staggering 800 times today, and then another 3 times in the minute I was watching the statistics!


White Shores is suddenly #299 in the Kindle store. This is both exciting and terrifying. I had no idea what to expect from this initial offering, and it has completely blown me away. And now I have no idea what to expect as people actually read it… thus the mild terror. Whoever you all are, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for making this a successful giveaway!

EDIT 2: I just refreshed the pages, and in the time it took to write that another 18 copies were downloaded and it jumped to #285 on the charts. Thanks again everyone!


#4 in “Epic Fantasy” makes way more sense than science fiction anyways.


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