Apparently I’m too Hilarious

This seems to be a confusing statement, because how could you be TOO hilarious? Well it turns out that being funny is, in and of itself, confusing for people. The thing is that I write fantasy fiction, not comedies. There are parts of my books that are funny. I’ve been told people laugh out loud at parts of my books, and sometimes they’re even the parts they’re supposed to laugh at. The point is, that if I’m writing blogs with comics full of jokes and then writing epic fantasies that take place in my own world (a world that’s on the verge of a horrific collapse), well… people might get mixed signals.

This is what I’m told is called “building a brand.” Basically I’ve been advised that if I keep up the humorous writing, which I’m fantastic at, people will buy my books because I’m funny. Originally I thought this was a brilliant plan. People like funny, and if they like funny then they’ll like me, and if they like me then they’ll like my book (at least more than they would have if they had no real inclinations one way or the other). I’ve been told that this is not, in fact, a brilliant plan at all.

It turns out that yes, people will like me. Someone even told me they bought my book half-way through reading how I respond to questions about whether or not my book is like Lord of the Rings. Win. The thing is that while you can get a good feeling for me through this blog, you might be mislead to think this is how I write all the time. Does that make sense?

But here’s where I get stuck: how do I write blog posts in a way that communicates my fantasy/novel style to you? I don’t really feel like writing super-short blog-sized fantasy stories. But perhaps I should?

The problem with building a “brand” is that, for me, it’s all witchcraft and hibbidy-jibity. Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or how Ben Affleck keeps getting movie deals. I wish I knew what I was doing, but it turns out I’ve gotta stumble through it. And you get to suffer with me along the way. Yay!

In any case, I’ll be cutting back on the funny and the cartoons. If you enjoy them, let me know, and eventually I’ll be sure to start being funny under a new pen name. But until then… I’ll just have to be witty in a way that makes you go “I bet this guy writes some killer action scenes while he brings me into a whole new world!”


On a side note, revisions on my second book – Tomb of the Relequim (sequel to White Shores) are half way through. Then comes the hard-core editing. And Marjolein and I are really, really close on the cover art. I’ll post some stuff from that soon. We’re on track for a late-winter release.

Granted I have no real idea when winter starts or ends. I never agreed with the official calendar on that. It’s among the many reasons we aren’t on speaking terms any  more.

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  • Winter in which hemisphere?

    • In either! I think it starts sooner (when it actually starts getting unacceptably cold) and should end sooner (when I want it to be spring already). So basically it half makes sense and the other half is me being petulant.

  • Love this blog post and I totally relate. Also, I look forward to you writing a blog post like you would epic fantasy:

    “I drew my pen and sallied forth upon my trusty chair, to slay yet another blog post, in search of plunder and page views.”

    I just hope you’ll still sneak in a drawing here and there; I’ve grown rather fond of them.

  • And the line about Ben Affleck made me laugh out loud.