I’m so freaking lazy

I’m so freaking lazy

I have a few blog posts written that I haven’t had time to finish or illustrate. It takes a lot of effort to draw that much. So I thought I would just post to tell you that blogs happen, just not on accident. However, I do have a drawing to share. I made this last night. I have this weekly time I spend with some of the kids here where we sit in the cafe and draw until either their parents collect them or I fall asleep in my chair. Usually it leads to ridiculous drawings that have no real bearing on anything in life. Like giant monkey monsters crushing bridges and fighting farmers with alien shotguns.

I should see if I have my TacocaT drawing that I did a few weeks ago… if I do I’ll post it.

In any case, enjoy Ninja Cat vs. Space Robot.


To my credit, this did take 2 hours to draw. So I’m not THAT lazy.

And sadly, no taco cat (my favorite palindrome). It’s kind of scary around here (Freetown) though because you know you’ve eaten cat at one point without realizing it. Some jokes just aren’t funny depending on where you are. Or are always funny everywhere. Something like that…

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In any case, you can find more  funny comics in my various rants against blogs, moths, or even on how I react to questions about whether my book is exactly like Lord of the Rings. You can skip all that and buy my novel White Shores instead. But that’s up to you.

  • I love this. I honestly would visit your blog just for your ridiculous art projects.

  • Jay, you are my favorite.