White Shores in Rome

White Shores in Rome

Who doesn’t love Rome? OK, aside from Carthage, who doesn’t love Rome? It’s a magnificent city filled with history and ruins and guys pretending to be gladiators. Personally I love Italy, and Rome is a blast. When I swung through the city to whom all roads led, I found a number of people enjoying White Shores. And I must say, what better place to read it than surrounded by the fantasies provided by history itself? I mean, aside from Paris of course.




White Shores on the train


If you’re looking for less photos and more cartoons (and more laughs) check out my post on ten reasons to hate moths. There are plenty more to be sure, but this should cover it well enough for you.

And if you want to get your hands on your own copy of White Shores, now is your chance!

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  • Jeremy Atkins

    Constantine’s Arch?

    • Ten points! I actually had no clue myself – being the experienced world-traveler that I am and all that

      • Jeremy Atkins


  • Makes me miss Italy so much.  I actually dreamt in Italian last night.