Love your Dang Mother

Love your Dang Mother

Seriously. You need to love your dang mother. And I mean it. Mine is really rad, and I love her a lot. The difficult part about living in Africa (save being so desperately far away from cheeseburgers) is that I haven’t seen my mom in a year. That sucks.

I have two very important women in my life: my mom and my little sister. They live thousands of miles away from me. This makes it difficult to show them how much I love them, save through Gtalk and the occasional Facebook post. Sometimes we even manage to overcome the dreaded time difference barrier and make a phone call happen.

Well, the other night I was laying up in bed thinking about my mom. She has parkinson’s disease and it’s kind of been weighing on me lately. I’m an out of sight, out of mind kind of guy. I’m generally pretty focused on where I’m at in the moment or on some fantastical future that involves robots who subsist on cupcakes. The point is that my mom was diagnosed while I was out of the country a few years ago, and perhaps I’ll get more into that in some future post, but lately it’s been heavy on me again. At the moment my dad is out of the country as well. He’s here in Africa with me – which is super cool – but it means my mom’s two main men are an ocean away.

So I was up thinking about how much my mom probably misses me, because let’s be honest – who wouldn’t? And my dad is away… she’s probably kinda sad… flowers?

I’m in Africa, how can I give her any flowers? I might as well be trying to make fresh craters on the moon with a slingshot… but wait. THE INTERWEB!

I got out of bed at something like 1am and decided to send my mom and sister some flowers. I’ve never bought flowers online so the idea was kind of daunting. When you can see them and smell them in person that’s one thing. But trusting a picture? And don’t let the pricing of these places fool you. They low-ball you up front then get you on shipping and “flower care” charges in the end. Jerks. But these ladies are worth it. I placed my orders (which was another debacle filled with empty promises of rebates and love) and went to bed happy.

The waiting was the killer part. They didn’t get the flowers until today. But it was fantastic to get notes from them and see my sister post pictures when she got hers at work. A little joyful recompense for a late night.


The thing is that when you think of telling your mom (or any other lady in your life) that you miss her, you should do it right when you’re thinking of her. Otherwise you’re liable to forget and never tell her you love/miss/were thinking of her. Then she’ll never truly know. I learned this a while back, but not as far back as I wish I had.

So guys, I’m not saying you have to send flowers to your mom in Texas, or sister in Oregon from Africa (try getting THOSE through customs). I’m just saying that if you love your mom, you should let her know. Do it right now even. Don’t wait for an excuse, she won’t care. Just call her or text her or wad up a note and toss it her way. Because moms like that sort of thing.

Besides, she put up with your crap long enough. It’s about time you start sending something sweeter-smelling her way.


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