White Shores in Tuscany

White Shores in Tuscany

So I just got back from Amsterdam, which has NOTHING to do with Tuscany but still, is noteworthy. Why? Because I got to meet Marjolein Caljouw and talk about the cover for the next installment of The Vitalis Chronicles. But you’ll have to wait for the photos that came of it. Suffice it to say that I’m super excited for the future, and simply had a great time hanging out and having lunch over a really long, really exciting conversation. Excited. I’ve said it enough times now.

BACK TO TUSCANY. I got to spend four or five days in Florence with some friends and in the process took some great shots of people reading White Shores there and in San Gimignano.

 French men read White Shores in front of Il Duomo in Florence

English men read White Shores in pubs in Florence

Marco likes to read White Shores in the city tower of San Gimignano

Strong Italian men like reading White Shores in the Florence Campo di Marte station

I swear he broke his arm before I met him. If you haven’t already, check out White Shores in Paris!

Next: White Shores – in Rome

If you would like your copy of White Shores you can get it on any of Amazon’s websites for Kindle or in paperback, as well as from B&N for your nook and any other e-readers on Smashwords.