White Shores in Paris

White Shores in Paris

So today I finished writing the second book in the Vitalis Chronicles: Tomb of the Relequim. It’s a good feeling to get done with the first draft – though there are still a few months of work to get through before it’s ready to roll. Here’s where I finished writing it: la Bibliotheque de Saint Geneviève (Saint Geneviève’s Library for the non-French speaking among us, thanks Raph)

Bibliotheque de Saint Geneve

I had to register and get a library card and everything. It has my photo on it. The thing is, I may have slightly misunderstood a field or two on the application. I think I somehow managed to get a priority access card as some sort of professor/author combination. Whoops?

Bibliotheque de Saint Geneve - library card - Jay Swanson

I’ve been struggling to figure out where to start with “Operation Fabrication” as I collect the photos. However, the fact that I finished writing the book in Paris leads me to think that it would be most appropriate to start my tour of Europe here. In photos that is. So here you go: the photos I have of people reading – or pretending to read – White Shores in Paris, France. Enjoy!


Arkansas likes reading White Shores at Moulin Rouge

Just a reminder that the “captions” are hidden in the titles of each photo (I always do this and eventually will stop reminding people). Just hover your mouse over a photo for a second to see it.

White Shores with Charlemagne

White Shores in the Musee d'Orsay

Hot French Girls read White Shores at the Eiffel Tower

French girls reading White Shores at the Arch de Triomphe Paris

Slovenians reading White Shores in front of Notre Dame

Cute French Girls read White Shores in Paris

More French girls reading White Shores at the Arch de Triomphe

And there you have it. The Vitalis Chronicles: White Shores – Paris, France. 2011. September. I feel like that could keep going for a while.

Anyways, I’ve got more photos to come from around Europe. I’m meeting my illustrator Marjolein Caljouw tomorrow in Amsterdam, but I think I’ll save any photos from that and post the next round from my time in Tuscany.

And of course if you would like your copy of White Shores you can get it on any of Amazon’s websites for Kindle or in paperback, as well as from B&N for your nook and any other e-readers on Smashwords.

White Shores on Amazon

In the meantime you should check out my post on ten reasons to hate moths. Even if you don’t hate moths yet, you will soon.

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