Video Copilot and Me

Video Copilot and Me

Not to take a completely different route with this one, but I’m gonna take a completely different route with this one. Video Copilot, one of the greatest websites on earth. I love making videos, I really do. I’ve been making videos since I discovered that teachers would actually let you do them for projects. I figured the joke was on them because I actually LIKED making videos.

Point is, my life changed when I discovered Video Copilot. More accurately, when I discovered After Effects. But eventually Andrew Kramer came along and started teaching us how to do things we never realized we were capable of. In truth, we still aren’t, but his amazing tutorials fool us into believing that we are. As an example, I made a title slide for White Shores with in a glowing ring. This is what I made just by following along with Andrew’s tutorial The Ring:


Unfortunately, this only supports the widespread but baseless assumption that my book is exactly like Lord of the Rings. I’m not doing myself any favors here (it’s not, before you ask). In contrast, I tried making something on my own. Now don’t get on me for this, it’s not like I’m a professional or anything. In fact, I only discovered Comic Sans this week. What a great font! I’m gonna use it for everything from now on!


The fact that Comic Sans was the worst idea I’ve ever had aside, I’d like to point out that at least my sparkles have… character. And you know they’re shiny because it says so.

The real reason I’m writing this post right now, however, is to say thanks to Andrew. He’ll never read this, but as a thank you I want you all to know he exists. Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot from him, and I don’t think he gets enough shout outs. I am nerdy enough to have made a few light saber videos (iSaber Battles 1-4 on Youtube though the first has no effects) among others. And Video Copilot taught me a number of the tricks along the way.

iSaber Battle 4

Not to mention the brilliant plugins and inspiring example work. Sometimes (when I lived where I could stream video) I would just watch the examples for each tutorial to get an idea. Or just to be entertained by them.

I just read that sentence again. I am a nerd… wow.

In the end we all have people we learn from, and we never thank them enough. So thanks, Andrew. Especially for your sense of humor – the random asides are well balanced by how quickly you move through everything else. Even though I’ll never be quite as creative with After Effects as you are, I’ll definitely keep copying you until the day I die.

Is there anyone you need to thank for teaching you something? Have any mentors you’d like to share with the rest of us? Drop them a public “thank you” in the comments below. We’d love to meet them (or at least I would).

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