Europe and Writing

Europe and Writing

So I’m on vacation, a much needed one as it turns out. I’ve been in Africa for 9 months, and while I’m learning a ton and enjoying my experience – it was really time for a break. As it turns out I’ve ended up in Europe for a few weeks. I’m basically following the trail of free beds and sleeping on friends’ couches/spare futons/floors. So far it’s been amazing. I haven’t gotten much sleep, but I’m enjoying every minute.

Jay and Nath in the Paris Metro

Sacre Coeur and Jay Swanson not pictured

The goal in all this was to finish my second book: The Tomb of the Relequim. I’m about half-way through it, but it’s posing some problems because I’ve had some serious levels of depth added to it over the past couple of months. The other issue is that I’m having so much dang fun seeing friends and traveling around.

Jay and Jon Mark in the Alps

Mercy Ships Swiss Office

The Swiss Alps out the Window

Mercy Ships Swiss Stairs

I finally got back into it today and wrote about 3,200 words or so. I’m setting it as a goal to get one chapter out every day the rest of my vacation. This is reasonable for me when I’m on a roll, but it’s gonna be a challenge considering the fact that I’ll be in some of my favorite places on earth over the next 3 weeks. I’ve got Geneva down, am on my way to Nice, will end up in Florence for a while, and then back to Paris to finish off.

Jay and Jon Mark in Geneva - Mont Blanc

Geneva - lac Laman

jet d'eau in Geneva

And best of all? I’m planning on swinging through Amsterdam to meet Marjolein, my amazing illustrator. We’ve never met in person, but it’s a rare creative wavelength that we share, and I’m very very excited to get started on the next project. THE NEXT PROJECT! I about poop myself with excitement every time I think about it. And this time we’ll start it in person instead of via email. Here’s hoping we don’t ruin the magic.

So if you’re in any of the aforementioned cities and want your copy of White Shores signed… really? Ok. I mean I’ll do it, but I wouldn’t want some jerk I don’t know writing in my book. But seriously, I’m having a blast back in Europe (I used to live in France) and am super stoked to get some time with fresh air, sidewalks, parks (I took a nap under a tree in REAL GRASS the other day), mountains, giant broken chairs, and delicious bread.

Geneva sunrise and the chair in front of the UN

All that to say: Book 2 – en route.

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    If you really feel like you might poop yourself, just find an orchard.  Lots of places in there you could poop in private.

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