The Time is Now

The Time is Now

As I write this, in my time zone, it’s July 20th. That means you need to get off your fat… wait… no stay on it and go to amazon right now. It’s time to make some history and propel The Vitalis Chronicles: White Shores to the bestseller’s list on Amazon today.


The paperback (as of this moment) isn’t directly available on Amazon yet. They picked one copy up for $444 though (feel FREE to buy that one). It is on Barnes & Noble, and I won’t press you to buy it anywhere else. What if we got the kindle version on the bestseller list for Amazon, and the paperback on the list for B&N? THAT would be an accomplishment. So… sorry Amazon. Should have gotten on the ball sooner, now the paperback sales go to B&N. =D

A preemptive thanks to everyone for making this a fantastic day! No matter what happens sales wise, we’re going to throw the biggest book release in Freetown’s history (I’m actually ignorant to the facts on this one but it’s really quite possible). If you’re in town and you’ve got a hankering for some smoothies and book readings (and some live music) then feel free to join us.

Otherwise, use that clicking finger and navigate on over to buy the paperback, nook version, kindle version, or any other e-reader format.

  • I’ll be ordering my paperback version from B&N tomorrow! (As it’s still the 19th in Seattle.)

    • Great idea about ordering it from the store too, Curtis. You’re a thinker 😉

  • 😀 Placed my order, very excited Jay!