The Release Party – A Recap

The Release Party – A Recap

The release party at Oasis was a blast for everyone involved. The owner of the juice bar went so far as to text Liz and ask us when we were coming back. As for the bestseller push, White Shores made it to three lists at one point. I never saw what the best standings were, and it didn’t help that I was away from the internet most of the day, but it got close to #3,000 on the overall bestseller’s list, #14 on Epic Fantasy, #40 in Fantasy overall, and there was another list to do with hot new releases.


We had some great readers at Oasis, and some fantastic musical performances. There’s a lot of talent around here. I think what surprised me the most was how enraptured with the readings people got. The whole place was packed, to the point that we had overflow out on the lawn. And it was silent during the readings. When I finished the night with a reading from chapter 15, they were so taken in by the story they didn’t realize I had finished. I stopped at as it was getting intense, and paused for a moment. When I looked up and asked if they wanted the next line, the majority of people thought it was the next line.

When I said “Then go buy the book,” I was rewarded with a bit of an uproar. It was an incredible experience to have people that absorbed in the story that they had to be broken out of it. In a way I never expected a reading like that to be so effective.

Jannelle Reading

I’ll post more photos here soon, David and Beau took a ton of great shots and video. These should at least give you a taste. Yummy books…


  • Well the book is tasty but i guess you took that in the literal sense

    as for rankings i thought i saw it move up to 13 on the scifi list before i went to bed…guess i should have taken a screencap…is there no analytics tool for amazon that you have access too?

    • No, their stats tracking stinks as far as I can tell. It’s the antiquated “here’s what you’ve sold in the last month” style.