Teaser Time – The Map

Teaser Time – The Map

So if you download the Kindle version of White Shores, you’re bound to discover the map just a few pages in. In fact, this could make you really happy. The thing that bugs me in the end is that it’s so dang small on a Kindle. Unless you’ve got it open on your computer or tablet, you’re not gonna get a very large version. Even with a tablet – at least on the iPad I previewed it on – every time you try to rotate it to look at it properly it rotates itself away from you again. Frustration has a new name…

Anyhoo. I’ll post a resources section eventually. It’ll have all of that extra info surrounding the books that someone is bound to want at some point. The maps will all find their ways there.

Of course the paperback has a nice, full-sized version that should make you happy. That is assuming you want to buy the paperback when it comes out.

For now all you get is one tiny map. I’ll give it to you in a larger resolution, just click on it to make it big.

Ok, on re-reading that sentence… that was confusing. I have uploaded a good-sized image of the map, however the one you see right now is a smaller version of it. If you click on it, it will take you to the large version… I feel like I can’t communicate all of a sudden.

Just click the dang map.


If you’re dying to see what it would look like on your Kindle, you should buy White Shores here. And while you’re at it, give the book a read too. It would be silly to buy a whole book for just one map.

If you like maps you’ll like tomorrow’s post on how my book is exactly like LOTR. And I just wrote a post last night on my Jay on a Boat blog about how Francis Chan is a fad. So much READING to do!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent!  I’m gone back to map and squinted at it several times so far!

    • This should hopefully help to reduce eye strain and increase taco consumption

  • Rob

    Kudos to you sir on the map (did you draw it yourself?).  Also, more kudos because when I read the map-less version that’s exactly how I pictured it (except that somehow in my head the peninsula was on the eastern side of the continent by The Cave, but that’s minor).