Off to the Printers

Off to the Printers

I‘ve been working late a lot this last week, but I worked really late last night. I’m still kind of half-asleep as I write this…

I started at 6:30PM (GMT) yesterday after getting the final edits from Jenna, my editor. It took a while to go through all of them, but I finished it off after a few hours. Thankfully I’ve been working on the styling and getting the book put together for the last week, so all I had to do was plug in the new chapters, style them, and proof the PDF. Simple? Still took me another 6 hours or so. At about 4:30am this morning I uploaded the print version of White Shores to my printer/distributor, Lightning Source. Then I went to bed because it was really ridiculously late.


Within 12 hours they had already processed the content of the book and were already working on the cover. If all goes well they will print and ship the proof tomorrow, and it will get delivered Friday. I think this must be where the “Lightning” part of their name comes from.

Now I’m working on getting the eBooks ready to distribute. It’s going a lot better than I thought it would, to be honest. The last time I tried my hand at eBook formatting I got absolutely murdered. But doing the layout for White Shores has taught me boatloads about design with regards to publishing. Not to mention best practices and improving my workflow. However, working with eBook formatting makes me a bit sad, because the print version turned out so pretty. Check it: