How to Pirate My eBook

How to Pirate My eBook

Yeah, that’s right. I’m about to tell you how you can effectively steal from me. Now that’s not to say I want to become a statistic, but I’m all for freedom of information. Truth be told, this is really about getting my book on any eReader you want. I’m all about not freedom from technological limitations – don’t restrict yourself. I don’t think you should have to buy my book three times in order to read it wherever you want. Or if the most unlikely of events occurs and your Amazon account gets nuked, who would want to re-purchase their books? Even though this does sound nice to my wallet. I think it’s trying to bite me as I write this actually…

Pirate My Book

Point is this: if you own a Nook or a Sony Reader or any other e-reading device that doesn’t have a Kindle App available for it then you might feel a bit up a creek. Granted I’ll release it for those later, but ePUB can be such a pain.

So, being the honest, integral consumer that you are, you want to pay me but still have the book on your Nook. I commend you. My buddy Jeff threw this tutorial together for you and I’ve only edited it slightly for punctuation and strange word choices. Here’s how you can pirate my ebook in a matter of minutes:



1) Download and install the Amazon kindle viewer

2) Run and configure said software with your Amazon Username/Password

3) Download and install awesome eBook Manager: Calibre

4) Buy Jay’s awesome new book. Make sure to select your new “kindle” device (“jaysuperfan’s Kindle for PC” – if you have multiple items listed just make sure you select the one that says “for PC” at the end)


5) Through some Tom Cruise-style black magic, the book will be sent to your PC. Just open Amazon’s Kindle software to check that the book is there


6) Then exit Amazon software and open Calibre

7) Select “Add books”


8 ) Browse to your “My Documents” folder and open up the “My Kindle Content” folder and locate the book (Path should be something similar to C:\Users\jaysuperfan\Documents\My Kindle Content). The book will be the only one with a funny/random name (Not sure why that is) 


9) With the book selected click the “Convert books” icon


10) Check to make sure that the Input format is AZW and that the Output format is EPUB and then click ok (click photo to enlarge)


11) In the bottom right hand corner you should see that 1 job is running


12) When the job finishes, select the book and on the right had side you should now see the book has two formats (AZW and EPUB)

13) Then connect your eBook reader, select the book and click “send to device” and BAM you can now read ebooks from Amazon


And there you have it. Thanks Jeff! This should work for any books that aren’t protected by DRM, like mine. So get started by buying White Shores and get it on your non-Kindle device asap!