Hey Kindle Users

Hey Kindle Users

How’s this for a teaser? It’s pretty dang sexy if I do say so myself. The cover looks great in black and white, and the formatting process wasn’t nearly as demanding or daunting as I had expected it to be. You should have seen my first attempt at formatting for kindle, it was terrible.

White Shores Kindle Cover

The layout looks nice. It’s simple, nothing near as fancy as the print version, but that’s what we’re going for with eReaders anyways, right? Customizability and simplicity. I still threw in some drop caps though. In the end I couldn’t resist.


It’s crazy how different it looks from kindle to kindle. My buddy Cyle, for example, goes for the sans-serif/small font size styling. It looks insanely different, and I kind of like it. So feel free to change stuff around when you buy the book (releasing next week), because I’ve worked hard to make sure it’s easy to customize. It should be a fairly explosion-free experience!

Now if only ePUB weren’t such a hazard to my health…

  • Jenna L Stanton

    Jay! It looks fantastic! Excited to see it on my kindle! And in print!

    • Excited for you to have it! I know you’ll be proud =)