Writing – With Vigor

So I’ve managed to wrangle some time off in the last few days, and it’s been fantastic. The biggest benefactor would be the second book of the trilogy (name yet unreleased). Granted there have been numerous requests that I release at least a preview of White Shores. The thing is that I want to wait until it’s ready.

I’ve let a number of people read the book so far, and while it was a genuinely rewarding experience I’ve gotten past the need for affirmation and am stuck on my desire for quality. The good news is that I’ve fleshed out a quality network of pre-readers, editors, and proofreaders. The bad news is you’re probably not it.

Either way I’m working hard at it. I want you to get the best, highest quality version of the book possible. Of course this means you have to wait until it’s through the editing phase.

HOWEVER I think I’ve managed to convince my editors to work through the material in such a way that we can release a preview of 10 chapters as soon as we’ve gone over them. So be looking for that here in the near future.

You might also notice the website looks different, again. I think I’ve settled on the final look and feel of the blog and surrounding site, so hopefully it won’t change drastically anymore. I think the background image may need to become something a bit more unique to the story, but aside from that it’s all here to stay.

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

  • Hi! Just stopping by after reading your comment on Alan Rinzlers post about book bloggers…

    Yes, book bloggers would be thrilled to hear from you. You have a great sounding book and I’m sure many bloggers would be delighted to help you out in the review department.

    I’d offer myself, but I don’t have an e-reader, sorry. 🙁

    Good luck with your book(s)!

    • Well the hope is to format it for print as well. If you’d be interested in reading it I’m sure we could always work something out =)

      Either way thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! I really appreciate it. I think sometimes approaching people like reviewers can feel a bit daunting. Good to know at least one reviewer would be interested at first glance!