On our artistic way

On our artistic way

I‘m overcoming some nasty sickness that’s kept me from being productive for a while. I won’t get into the nasty details but I guess it’s what I get for moving to West Africa.

ANYWAYS – the cover art is on its way. I’m working with artist Marjolein Caljouw, from the Netherlands and I’m already extremely pleased with what she’s come up with. And it’s just the initial sketch!

I got it in my email right as I was going to bed. Terrible timing, I couldn’t fall asleep for an hour!

I’ve shown it to a few people who have previewed the book and the responses have all been very good. I really can’t wait to see the final product this May!

She’s given me permission to post our progress on the blog. Here is the rough sketch and her collection of source materials. What do you think?

White Shores cover - rough sketch

  • sweet beans, when did you get this site going?

    • A while ago, I figured I should have it up and running ahead of time. I haven’t done the best job of blogging the process, but I’m working on it. Like it?