Hot dang

I‘m getting excited. The editing process has officially started and gotten off to a good start. What a huge undertaking… I’m really hoping to get through it in good time. I’d like to release White Shores in eBook format by July 20th. Which happens to be my birthday. Hooray?

I don’t have much more to say than that. I’m busy getting my plans in place to release the book, send it to reviewers, maybe even throw a couple of dollars at some ads.

And I’m REALLY excited because I finally settled on a cover artist. We’re moving forward on a different design than previously released here, and I’m really excited to do the whole trilogy in the same style. I’ll release more as we move ahead.

The final thing is I’m on the hunt for reviewers. I’m not ready to send it out yet; the goal would be to send copies out in June. While I’ve found a lot of blogs reviewing fantasy novels I’m also discovering that at least half aren’t interested in Indie Publishers. If you’re a reviewer of any kind and are interested let me know. I’ll be more actively on the hunt as I get closer, but there’s no harm in getting the ball rolling now.