Holy crap… this is amazing

Holy crap… this is amazing

So I opened up my email to discover Marjolein had written me finally.

I say “finally” not because she took a long time, but because I check my email religiously to see if she’s sent me anything. So of course, after playing some Call of Duty with my buddies on the ship (a customary Friday ritual) I checked before shutting down my computer. And to my genuine surprise and joy she had sent me something.

I opened it up, clicked on the attachment, and literally squealed. Cyle, my former roommate, came over and also made some gasping noise of some sort. This is what shocked us:

white shores red sketch

white shores cover clean sketch

I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. I don’t know if you’ll understand this, but I’m shaken inside. To see something like this that has simply sprung from my own work. From my mind. It’s a euphoric and simultaneously shattering experience. I can’t stop covering my mouth and gasping in disbelief. I doubt anyone else will ever have such a strong reaction as I’m having right now… but I love it.

And these are just preliminary sketches. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

  • Shelby

    Me! Me! It’s breathtaking. I can’t believe these are just sketches. Where did you find this amazing artist?

    • Twitter, believe it or not. I just put out the call “Twitter, find me an illustrator” and she replied =)

  • holy craping my pants batman

  • Insane amounts of awesome 🙂 that is some very high quality artwork

  • ReKaB

    Really amazing! And this is just a sketch… WOW! Cannot wait for the final version! I am sold already on your book and I haven’t even heard the story!