Looking around

So I finally got through and bought a block of ISBNs. I guess if nothing else I’ll own them forever. I can at least add them to the long list of worthless intellectual property I own and hope will someday attain value.

I was talking to Jeff and wandering around the internet and all of the buzz and hype about eBooks and indie publishing has been both encouraging and terrifying me. I think I’m just having one of those days filled with self-doubt. Granted I’m tired and we’re running out of Carribian Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Lays on the ship, but I think it’s more than that.

caribbean onion and balsamic vinegar chips

Seeing other authors succeed is a great thing. It means books are alive and well, people still love good stories, and we’re all doing better as a collective. Granted I have yet to fully join that collective, but I will someday. And that’s what scares me the most I think. I feel rushed, pressed into this before I lose my opportunity to be a part of it.

I doubt that people will stop reading books any time soon; nor will they lose a taste for new stories. But somehow my irrational mind keeps telling me “you’ll be left behind you slow piece of poo!” I hate being called a piece of poo…


Let’s hope I’m not going crazy. I’m gonna hold back on pushing White Shores through to Amazon etc. One because I think it needs some polish. Two because I’m scared to commit to the title. Three because I need to pump the brakes, breathe, and maybe pursue some Kickstarter funds  to get me going. That and I need some real cover art. I tried contacting an illustrator to help… I guess I’ll need to try and contact more.

Apparently illustrators are harder to get a hold of than agents, which is impressive.

  • Yo, well from my limited understanding, slightly above “nothing” it seems that a great deal of a digitally sold book is the packaging it’s delivered in, as long as the story is half decent the difference comes from having like you said good cover art, good synopsis, well formatted book (the latter means people actually keep reading and thus end up spreading the word).

    So even though I don’t really know much, I think it’s wise to only go as fast or slow as you’re comfortable with. And I don’t think you’ll be left behind, I only see the arena maturing and those that are ahead of the curve (in presentation, not necessarily release date) will succeed 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m feeling that way too. I’ve started reading Zoe Winters’ book on going Indie and it’s been really helpful. One of the last things I’m struggling with (besides finishing my cover art) is pricing.

      She had a great interview up here http://allindiepublishing.com/author-interviews/zoe-winters-on-ebook-pricing/ that was really helpful. Hoping she responds to my question.

      Her book was really encouraging in a lot of ways though. Yesterday I think I was just down about it all a bit, but things are looking up. I’m really excited to go Indie and see how things turn out =)

      • That was an interesting interview, and I totally agree with 99c being bad news. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem paying $4.95 for a book that looked good (cover art / synopsis / couple of excerpts), I mean I pay 4-6 times that for paperbacks that look good.

        • Yeah. I think the real goal then is to provide something worth paying $5 for. I want people to feel like not only was it worth it, but they truly got a bargain.