Reflecting on the polo dichotomy

Reflecting on the polo dichotomy

Maybe it’d be better identified as the great polo lie. In any case I know what you may be thinking in response to that title… “what the crap?”

Maybe you’re not that far along in the thought process but let me fill you in before you get there. Polos, the style of mens shirt.

I was told the other day before a PR event that I wasn’t dressed “professionally” enough. Granted I was wearing Pumas, but they were nice white Pumas. Otherwise I had brown/gray slacks on and a nice button up collared shirt.

Now for a PR event fine, I imagine they want something a little more formal than my blue heat shirt and trainers (sneakers, tennis shoes, take your pick on the name). But the suggested change was to wear a branded polo.

My response: POLO?! Really? First of all that’s not my style and hasn’t been since I was a member of the Jr. Cougar Golf Club in elementary school. Secondly, how did the polo ever arrive at such a prestigious level as to be equated with being ‘professional?’

Polo shirts - yuck
Yeah, that looks classy

I mean really, it’s a T-shirt with a collar and two or three buttons. Wearing a polo is among the laziest ways you can dress up. In my mind it keeps company with things like clip-on ties and velcro shoes. Pretty much you have a thick shirt with hemmed up sleeves and a slit down the front.

It’s like someone figured if they threw a couple of buttons on their favorite casual wear they could pass it off as semi-formal. And while I’m all for going casual (and any opportunity to fool ‘the man’) I lose all stomach for the sport when the negative ramifications affect me.

Namely when told I, in my real shirt and slacks, don’t look as good as some fat golfer in his khaki shorts and polo. That in essence is the true crime here.

Kudos to you fat guy; you win this round…



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