Creating a Kindle ready eBook

So I set out this morning to create an eBook format that I could upload to Amazon to get started. There’s no single source on how to do it out there it seems, at least not without significant Googling. I found Mike’s Window which had a fantastic collection of links and information that proved most useful in the end.

Thankfully all of that time I wasted on websites over the years proved useful in getting this done, so that was a bonus. Basically I had to save it out from Open Office as an HTML file then go in and clean it up. By “clean it up” I mean remove most of the formatting and add as many extra Kindle-specific tags as I could. Granted only half of them worked in the end, but whatever. The ones I wanted, namely the page breaks, worked.


This is what's going on under the hood of your Kindle

Another really useful tool was Mobipocket‘s eBook creator. It helped throw everything together in a nice, usable package.

Now to finish up the cover art (the temporary cover art sucks).


If this doesn't make you cry somehow you're probably a Cylon

  • If you’re looking for a free, professional looking typesetting system, I would really recommend taking a look at LaTeX. This is what I’m using for the books I showed you, and there’s ways to optimize the results for printing or e-books.

    • Thanks Raph! I’ll have to check that out. I love free stuff =D