The Vitalis Chronicles: Steps of Krakador


teps of Krakador is the third book in the Vitalis Chornicles trilogy, following Ardin as he must fight to save all that he knows and loves, while overcoming the destabilizing presence of a new power in his body.

The Relequim is escaping his prison in the Nameless Mountain, and he is ready to launch attacks simultaneously on all fronts in this action-packed culmination of the fantasy trilogy that will keep you riveted the whole way through.

No one is safe, not even Ardin.

BOOK III of the Vitalis Chronicles trilogy.

Ray Nicholson – Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer [5 stars]: “Epic fantasy at its very best… A trilogy that heralds the arrival of author Jay Swanson to the ranks of the upper echelon of fantasy/adventure writers.”

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BOOK III of the Vitalis Chronicles trilogy.

Steps of Krakador – Book Trailer from PJ Accetturo on Vimeo.

Tomb of the Relequim (Book II)

Ardin Vitalis’ last waking memory is of killing the Mage who betrayed him. The woman he loved was murdered just beyond his ability to save her, the Shadow King who killed her escaping into the storm around them. He awakes to find himself incarcerated in a rundown mental institution, asked to escape by a mysterious winged warrior, and charged with the rescue of a people an ocean away. Little does he know that his own people are being corrupted, compromised, and turned against each other by the returning influence of their former enemy: the Relequim. If Ardin can’t overcome the demons in his dark past, he may succumb to them, and become the tool of his own worst enemies.

BOOK II in the Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy

Ray Nicholson – Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer [4.5 stars]: “well written and skillfully told… a blend of action vs. drama that was nicely balanced…”

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Dide [5 stars]: Please make this tale longer than 3 books  as I love  this world! Keep up your fine work, with the best wishs, a new friend ,Dianne  Marksberry.”

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The Vitalis Chronicles: White Shores (Book 1)

In the aftermath of the Continental Wars, young Ardin Vitalis’ family is murdered by his own nation’s army in a plot to undo a woman known only as the Witch. Furious, he strikes out for revenge, but is thrust into events that will change his world forever. Suddenly he finds himself driven to save the Witch’s beautiful daughter from the nations, Magi, and King of the Shades who seek to destroy her. Should he survive that, his struggle with the dark powers he has been given still threatens to consume him. Ardin must choose to sacrifice his own freedom and flee enemies that are not his own, or allow events to unfold to the detriment of the planet.

Phxman [4 stars]: “This book weaves the storyline very well. There’s something for everyone, suspense, romance, action, and fantasy. I hope this is a series, I want more.”

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White Shores Cover

Ray Nicholson – Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer [4 stars]: “A well written and overall, thrilling fantasy adventure. Would I recommend this book to others… yes – Will I obtain the next book in the series… yes”

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White Shores cover illustration  by Marjolein Caljouw.

Tomb of the Relequim cover illustration by Sam Spratt.

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